Aava Medical Center

Aava Medical Center

Aava Kamppi is a full service medical centre spanning seven floors in two existing adjoining buildings in the center of Helsinki.

The program consisted of occupational health services, laboratory and imaging services, extended day surgery, gynecological clinic, gastroenterology clinic as well as a Pikkujätti medical centre for children and young people.


Pikkujätti and Aava Itäkeskus is a medical center in Eastern Helsinki consisting of a Pikkujätti specialist medical center for children and young people and an Aava occupational health care clinic.

The program included a laboratory, imaging services, a surgical department for minor procedures and an allergy unit.

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Aava kamppi:
Gross floor area: 4500 m2
Construction: 2010-2014
Pikkujätti and Aava Itäkeskus:
Gross floor area: 1650 m2
Construction: 2012-2013


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